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Assistant of President Receives Delegation of German Berhove Merve Institution

   Ibrhim MohmoudAssistant of the President of the Republic, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, received in his office Monday a delegation of the German Berhove Merve Institution, headed by the Executive Director of the institution for the Horn of Africa, and discussed the Sudanese - German relations and ways of strengthening them further.
The German delegation hoped that the relations between the two countries will witness more progress, especially at the economic and trade levels, especially after the lifting of the American economic sanctions from Sudan.



President Al-Bashir Announces Formation of Commission for Expatriates Affairs

Albashir ZayedArchiv Photo

President of the Republic, Omer Al-Bashir, has appreciated firmness of the relations between Sudan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), describing these relations as strategic and historic.
Addressing a festival marking inauguration of Sudan Embassy in Abu Dhabi Monday, President Al-Bashir has referred to historic ties between the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan and the late former President Field Marshal Jaafar Nemeiri.
He said that Order of Sheikh Zayed which was bestowed on him is honoring to the Sudanese people.

Albashir Zayed1President Al-Bashir has appreciated the Sudanese community in the United Arab Emirates, announcing formation of the Committee for the Expatriates Affairs.
He expressed his pleasure over the remarkable progress achieved by the United Arab Emirates, attributing this progress to the wisdom of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan.
Meanwhile, Sudan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed Amin Al-Kareb, has congratulated President Al-Bashir on the awarding of the Order of Sheikh Zayed to him, indicating that the inauguration of the embassy is coinciding with a number of developments in the firm relations between Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.
Ambassador Al-Kareb has praised the United Arab Emirates for its stances in supporting Sudan.
He also praised the patriotic stances of the Sudanese community in the United Arab Emirates.

Committee for Constitutional Amendments Hears Visions of Religious Scholars


The emergency for amendment of the Constitution, chaired by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Badria Suleiman, heard in its third meeting Monday the visions of the religious scholars and Sufi sect leaders on the amendment proposal which was forwarded by the Presidency of the Republic to the National Legislature.
In a press statement after the sitting that they heard the vision of Sudan Scholars Commission, the Islamic Figih Council, Insar Al-Sunna Group and the Sufi sect leaders on the proposed constitutional amendments.
She said that the emergency committee for the constitutional amendments will meet Wednesday with sociologists, the civil society organizations and organizations concerned with the women and children affairs to hear their views on the constitutional amendments.
She said that the discussion was focused on the levels of rights and freedoms, especially with regard to the existence of the guardian in the marriage contract, the freedom of religion and the punishment of Ridda (conversion) from Islam.


Prof. Ghandour Heads Sudan Side at Meetings of Sudanese - Indian Ministerial Committee

Ghandour 2

The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, Monday chaired in New Delhi, the Sudanese side at the third session of the Sudanese - Indian ministerial committee.
The Sudanese side has included, besides the Foreign Minister, the Ministers of Finance and Electricity, the Assistant Governor of the Bank of Sudan, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Investment along with representatives of the Ministries of Trade, Petroleum, Agriculture and Justice.
In a press statement, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Ghariballa Al-Khidir, said that the meetings have tackled all aspects of the relations between Sudan and India and ways to boosting the trade exchange, enhancing the Indian investments and the contribution of India to the implementation of development projects in Sudan.
The meetings also discussed the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of health, education, petroleum, gas and power generation and research technology.
The two sides agreed on the exchange of visits between the senior officials and experts in different fields as well as the exchange of views on the regional and international issues of mutual concern.

UN Coordinator: Sudan Humanitarian Aid Drops

UN Coordinator

Financial aid for humanitarian aid to Sudan is expected to reduce this year despite a review of U.S. sanctions, announced Marta Ruedas UN humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan.

“We now have as we have been discussing a situation in which Sudan is taking some very positive steps which are recognized, and then normally that would need to be recognized also by increased funding. And yet the surrounding financial environment is one where I am m afraid that it’s going to be rather a decrease in funding,”  Ruedas said.The UN humanitarian intervention this year targets about 3 million citizens and UN officials say a reduction in aid is regrettable because it comes at a time when humanitarian aid has been succesfully channeled within the last few days as the situation is gradually becoming calm.

Sudan just like many other countries is a victim of the general reduction of UN aid to countries in crisis.

In 2016, the United Nations collected 55 percent of their desired one billion US dollars meant for the support of about 4.6 million people in Sudan.

S.E. The Ambassador

Welcome to Sudan

the ambassador

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