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H.E. Badreldin M. Abdalla. The Ambassador, his Welcoming to the official Website of the Embassy...

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2nd Sudan Agro Food + Packaging - International Fairground

2nd Sudan Agro Food + Packaging from 4 - 6 March 2019  Sudan, Khartoum - International Fairground... for more Information - for Registration

عالم الآثار الألمانى فيلدونق يؤكد: إن الحضارة السودانية تسبق الحضارات العالمية بخمسة آلاف عام

dietrich wildungقطع البروفيسور ديترش فيلدونغ المتخصص فى الآثار السودانية والمدير العام الأسبق لمتحفى ميونخ وبرلين لفنون المصريات ان الحضارة السودانية القديمة سابقة لكل الحضارات الأخرى بخمسة آلاف عام بما فيها حضارة مصر الفرعونية وحضارات الشرق الأدنى والإغريق والرومان وإنتهاء بالحضارة الأوربية الحديثة... المزيد.

Removal of the Sudanese Sanctions Regulations

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Why Removal Of Sudan Off SST Is Long Overdue?

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The warmth and the humanity of the Sudanese people are unique

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++++ A C H T U N G ++++ +++ Sehr geehrte Besucher der Botschaft, die Botschaft teilt mit, dass die Konsularabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Sudan in Berlin ab Montag, den 22. Oktober 2018, keine Barzahlungen für Visa-Anträge, Legalisierungen oder die Ausstellung von sonstigen Dokumenten mehr akzeptiert. +++ Ab diesem Tag können Zahlungen entweder per +++ Banküberweisung auf das bekannte Konto der Konsularabteilung +++ oder alternativ per Zahlung mit EC- oder Kreditkarte direkt in der Botschaft erledigt werden. +++ Ausnahmen von dieser Regelung können leider nicht gemacht werden. +++ ++++ A T T E N T I O N ++++ +++ Dear visitors of the Embassy, +++ This is to inform you that from Monday, 22. October 2018, the consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Berlin, will no longer accept any cash payment for visa application, legalization or issuing of any other document. +++ From this day on, any payment is requested to be made by +++ bank transfer to the known account of the consular section +++ or alternatively through Bank- or Credit Card payment at the Embassy directly. No exception from this regulation can be allowed.

Text of Khartoum Declaration of Agreement Between South Sudanese Parties

Salva Kiir Mayardit

Khartoum, June 27(SUNA)-The South Sudanese parties on Wednesday signed Khartoum Declaration of Agreement Between Parties to Conflict in South Sudan which stipulates permanent ceasefire commences after 72 hours from time of its signing. The Declaration was signed in the Republican Palace amid extensive diplomatic and media presence by President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit signed for Government of South Sudan and Chairman of SPLM-IO, Dr Riek Machar, Deng Alor for former political detainees , Gabrial changson Change on behalf of other South Sudanese parties and representative of the South Sudanese Opposition Alliance.
As President of the Republic Omer Al-Bashir signed in his capacity as guarantor of the agreement while representatives of IGAD, troika, AU , EU and Forum of IGAD Partners signed the agreement as witnesses.
Following is the full official text of the Declaration :- "Whereas H.E. Omer Hassan Ahmed El-Bashir President of the Republic of Sudan was entrusted by the 32nd Extra – Ordinary summit of IGAD on South Sudan, convened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 21st June 2018, to facilitate a second round of face-to-face discussion between H.E. Salva Kiir Miyardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny to resolve the outstanding issues on governance and security arrangement, Whereas H.E. Omer El-Bashir entrusted further to discuss measures to be taken to rehabilitate the economy of the Republic of South Sudan Through bilateral cooperation with the Republic pf Sudan, Whereas H.E. Omer El-Bashir facilitated direct meeting between H.E. Salva Kiir Miyardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny from 25th to 26th June 2018, the first of which was graciously attended by H.E. Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, Whereas H.E. Omer El-Bashir also convened on 26th June 2018 a session of talks with other political parties of the Republic of South Sudan which discussed the same issues , Whereas the Minister of Petroleum of the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan and their technical teams explored extensively all possible avenues of cooperation between two sisterly countries for rehabilitating the petroleum sector of the Republic of South Sudan, Whereas H.E. Salva Kiir Miyardit, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and all other leaders of the South Sudan are fully cognizant of their historical responsibility at this crucial juncture of their country and determined to work together hand in hand for the sake of the South Sudanese people, H.E. Salva Kiir Miyardit, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and other signatories approved the following declaration of agreement: A permanent ceasefire is hereby declared throughout the Republic of South Sudan and shall enter into force within seventy two (72) hours of signing of this Declaration of Agreement. The permanent cease fire shall be based on the Cessation of Hostilities (COH) Agreement signed on December 21, 2017 Within seventy two (72) hours of signing this Declaration of Agreement the parties shall agree on all the ceasefire arrangements including disengagement, separation of forces in close proximity, withdrawal of allied troops, opening of humanitarian corridors, and release of prisoners of war and political detainees. All relevant provisions of the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) shall apply unless it is agreed otherwise. The parties shall agree on self-monitoring mechanism. Furthermore, IGAD and African Union member states are kindly invited to deploy the necessary forces to supervise the agreed permanent ceasefire. The security arrangements that shall be adopted shall aim at building national army, police and other security organs of an all-inclusive character that shall be free from tribalism and ethnic affiliation. Police shall also be agreed upon for the disarmament of civilians all over the country. An agreement on the “Revised Bridging Proposal” shall be concluded as soon as possible and before closing the current Khartoum Round of Talks, After concluding the agreement on the “Revised Bridging Proposal” a Pre-Transitional Period of 120 days shall commence to be followed by Transitional Period of thirty six (36) month. Sharing of power during the Transitional Period shall be in accordance with the formula that shall be agreed in “Revised Bridging Proposal”. During the Transitional Period the country shall be prepared for national elections that shall be conducted as agreed in the revitalized ARCSS. It is agreed that the election shall be open for all political parties and shall be free and fair. Effort for improving the infrastructure and basic services in the Republic of South Sudan, particularly in the sectors most connected with the livelihood of citizens, shall be intensified, the parties appeal to the international community to help in this regard. The security of the oil field in Unity State (Blocks 1, 2, and 4) and Tharjiath (Block 5A) is the responsibility of all South Sudan citizens. If need be, the Government of South Sudan, while undertaking its security duties, shall work in this regard in collaboration and coordination with the Government of the Sudan. The Government of South Sudan in collaboration with Government of Sudan shall immediately rehabilitate the oil fields identified above, and others as would be agreed upon, for the resumption and restoration of the previous levels of oil production. All the outstanding issues related to the oil sector particularly on the cost of oil field rehabilitation, shall be technically assessed and economically valued by the relevant authorities of South Sudan and Sudan respectively. Each party is entitled to seek the support of impartial technical third party for independently verifying the assessments but without causing delay in the joint operations. Such data/information shall provide guidance for any political decision that may be undertaken by the leaders of the two sisterly countries. The Government of South Sudan is committed to use the petroleum proceeds to improve the livelihood of South Sudanese and to alleviate poverty and suffering."
Done in Republican Palace, Khartoum, the Republic of Sudan, on this day 27th of June 2018.
H.E. Sava Kiir Myardit
President of the Republic of South Sudan
Dr. Riek Machar Teny
Chairman – SPLM/IO 
Representative of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA)
Representative of Former Detainees (FD)
Representative of other Political Parties (OPP)
H.E. Omer Hassan Ahmed El-Bashir
President of the Republic of Sudan
For IGAD Special Envoy
For the Troika:

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