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Treffen der Freunde Sudans

Erklärung der Partner für nachhaltigen Frienden im Sudan

Wir, die Gruppe der Freunde des Sudans, bekräftigen unsere volle politische Unterstützung für den von der Zivilbevölkerung geführten Übergangsprozess... Mehr

عالم الآثار الألمانى فيلدونق يؤكد: إن الحضارة السودانية تسبق الحضارات العالمية بخمسة آلاف عام

dietrich wildungقطع البروفيسور ديترش فيلدونغ المتخصص فى الآثار السودانية والمدير العام الأسبق لمتحفى ميونخ وبرلين لفنون المصريات ان الحضارة السودانية القديمة سابقة لكل الحضارات الأخرى بخمسة آلاف عام بما فيها حضارة مصر الفرعونية وحضارات الشرق الأدنى والإغريق والرومان وإنتهاء بالحضارة الأوربية الحديثة... المزيد.

The warmth and the humanity of the Sudanese people are unique

Martin LejeuneWerner Daum is a retired university professor and a former German diplomat. Last December, he visited Sudan. In the following interview with German jour. ..Read More


Humanitarian AID Commission

Registration Form (A) for Foreign N.A.O. Applying for Entry and Operation in Sudan.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs extends its warmest congratulations to the Sudanese people on the occasion of the signing of the peace agreement between the Transitional Government and the Revolutionary Front in Juba, on the 3rd of October 2020...Read More


Ministerium für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten
Medienabteilung und offizieller Sprecher

Das Außenministerium verfolgte am Montag, dem 19. Oktober 2020, die Ankündigung von US-Präsident Donald Trump, den Sudan von der US-Liste der Länder zu streichen, die Terrorismus fördern...Read More
Minister of Energy and Mining meets WB regional director

Minister of Energy and Mining meets WB regional director

Khartoum, Oct. 1 (SUNA) - Acting Minister of Energy and Mining Khairy Abdel-Rahman has met with the regional director of the World Bank (WB), Ousmane Dione, and discussed a number of proposals concerning developing the energy and mining sector in the Sudan. The Minister of Energy and Mining has formed a committee from various institutions to reform the electricity sector, and explained that the government has realized a lot of wrong policies that had damaged the economy in the past. He stressed that the ministry is currently carrying out remedies at the oil sector, and setting policies in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, explaining that the government is now leading the country with all its ministries to return to the correct international path. The regional director of the World Bank, on his part, enumerated Sudan’s advantages in terms of the vast areas and natural resources that must be properly utilized. Ousmane Dione indicated that the World Bank is coming to Sudan, and he is confident that there is a real change in the government’s policies and is moving towards openness, and that the World Bank is increasing its support for it, especially in the areas of community development. The World Bank’s official added that the vast areas can be used to increase solar energy projects, referring to the model of Vietnam, as it used to produce 10 thousand megawatts and it produces now 40 thousand megawatts, expectin that Sudan could achieve greater than that percentage due to its resources and vast areas. He pointed out that the World Bank would not hesitate to provide technical support to the electricity sector, and revealed that support for electricity sector reforms amounts to $ 15 million. BT/BT

The Latest Sudanese News & Press

Al Burhan
Al-Burhan appreciates US President Khartoum, Oct.19 (SUNA) – The Head of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lt-General, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan has... Read More
Removing Sudan from Terrorism list is Big Step for Sudan Khartoum, Oct. 19 (SUNA) – The US President Donald Trump said that removing Sudan from the... Read More
Omer Gamar Eddin
Foreign Minister Receives ICC Delegation Khartoum, Oct. 19 (SUNA) – The Foreign Minister, Omer Gamar-Eddin, received in his office Monday the visiti... Read More
Red Crescent
Red Cross and Red Crescent warns of flood consequences in Sudan Khartoum, Oct.16 (SUNA) – The Secretary General of the Geneva-based the Red Cross an... Read More
Adel Farah Idris
Farah discusses with FAO Establishment of Transboundry Disease Center Khartoum, October 19 (SUNA) – The Acting Minister of Animal Resources Dr. Adel... Read More
Bensouda: Role of ICC in current Stage is Limited to further investigations Khartoum, Oct. 19 (SUNA) – The Prosecutor of the International Criminal... Read More
implementing peace agreement
Hamdouk: We now face challenge of implementing peace agreement Khartoum, Oct. 14 (SUNA) - Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, indicated that the dia... Read More
Tanzania Ambassador
Tanzania Ambassador: Tanzania and Sudan to Consolidate Higher Education's Relations Khartoum, Oct. 9 (SUNA) – The Ambassador of the United Tanzania... Read More
Hamdouk Reviews Final Arrangements to Increase Electricity Generation in Al Foula
Hamdouk Reviews Final Arrangements to Increase Electricity Generation in Al-Foula Khartoum, Oct. 14 (SUNA) – Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, We... Read More
Mustafa Al S ayed
Sudan, Turkey to Cement Cooperation over Gum Arabic Khartoum, Oct.12(SUNA)-Sudan and Turkey has reiterated importance of cooperation of the two countr... Read More
On 15 October 2020
USAID supports Blue Nile State
USAID supports Blue Nile State Damazin, October 13 (SUNA) - The Wali (governor) of the Blue Nile State Abdal-Rahman Nur-Eddaem Al-Tom has praised the... Read More
Debailo discusses with UN Special Envoy implementation of peace agreement Khartoum, Oc. 14 (SUNA) – The Chairman of the Peace Commission, Prof. Sule... Read More
Government to organize official celebration to honor peace delegations
Government to organize official celebration to honor peace delegations Khartoum, Oct.8 (SUNA) – The Head of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lt-G... Read More
Daglo: The Theme of December Revolution was Incorporated in the Peace Agreement Juba, Oct.8 (SUNA)-The First Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council... Read More
Dr. Hamouk renews invitation to Al Hilu and Nur to join peace process
Dr. Hamouk renews invitation to Al-Hilu and Nur to join peace process Khartoum, Oct.8 (SUNA) - The Transitional Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulla Hamdouk, o... Read More
Gamar Eddin Commends IFRC Cooperation with the Government
Gamar-Eddin Commends IFRC Cooperation with the Government Khartoum Oct 8 (SUNA)- The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Omar Gamar-Eddin has commende... Read More
National Strategy for Older Persons
Ministry of Labor Embarks on Reviewing National Strategy for Older Persons Khartoum, Oct. 6 (SUNA)- Head of Department of Social Welfare and Rural Dev... Read More
Sudan, S. Sudan to Revive Nine Joint Cooperation Agreements Khartoum, Oct.8(SUNA)-Rapporteur of the Mediation Team for Sudanese peace process, Dr Dio... Read More

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شعار وزارة الصناعة والتجارةأصدر السيد وزير الصناعة والتجارة قراراً وزارياً رقم 57 لسنة 202م خاص بضوابط إستيراد السيارات المستعملة وضوابط استيراد السيارات بواسطة الوكلاء.وإليكم نص القرار

Pressestatements der Kanzlerin und des Premierministers der Republik Sudan, Abdalla Hamdok

Der Sudan befinde sich an einem historischen Wendepunkt, betonte Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel beim Besuch des sudanesischenHamdok Merkel Premierministers Abdalla Hamdok in Berlin...  More

Press release

The meetings of the second session of the Political Consultation Committee between Sudan and Poland were held on Thursday, February 27, 2020 in the buildings of the Ministry of GamaraldinForeign Affairs in the Polish capital...  More

In Sudan, Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It’s Too Late

Bag1In 1905, British archaeologists descended on a sliver of eastern Africa, aiming to uncover and extract artifacts from 3,000-year-old temples. They left mostly with photographs, discouraged by the ever-shifting sand d.. Read More.

U.S. restrictions on Sudanese banks lifted fully: official

BillingsleaA visiting delegation from the U.S. Department of Treasury said all restrictions on banking transactions with Sudan have been lifted... Read More

Sudan Bulletin

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