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H.E. Elbeiti

H.E. Abdel Moneim Mohamed Ahmed Osman Al-Bayti. The Ambassador, his Welcoming to the official Website of the Embassy...Read More

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عالم الآثار الألمانى فيلدونق يؤكد: إن الحضارة السودانية تسبق الحضارات العالمية بخمسة آلاف عام

dietrich wildungقطع البروفيسور ديترش فيلدونغ المتخصص فى الآثار السودانية والمدير العام الأسبق لمتحفى ميونخ وبرلين لفنون المصريات ان الحضارة السودانية القديمة سابقة لكل الحضارات الأخرى بخمسة آلاف عام بما فيها حضارة مصر الفرعونية وحضارات الشرق الأدنى والإغريق والرومان وإنتهاء بالحضارة الأوربية الحديثة... المزيد.

The warmth and the humanity of the Sudanese people are unique

Martin LejeuneWerner Daum is a retired university professor and a former German diplomat. Last December, he visited Sudan. In the following interview with German jour. ..Read More



Republik Sudan
Direktion für Kommunikation und Sprecher

Das Außenministerium erkennt die historischen Beziehungen und Verbindungen zwischen den sudanesischen und äthiopischen Völkern an. Die Sudanesischen sind bestrebt, diese Bind.. Mehr

Text in Englisch.. Read More


بيان إعلامي حول إجازة مشروعي قانون إنضمام السودان الي إتفاقية مناهضة التعذيب وإتفاقيةحماية الأشخاص من الإختفاء القسري .. للمزيد
EU Extends additional support to Teachers Training program

EU Extends additional support

Khartoum, May 31 (SUNA) – The Eurpoean Union has announced the completion of the 4million euro- Teachers Training Program in Sudanunder the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and implemented by Expertise France[1] in part-nership with France Education International. Statement issued by the EU, underlined that to guarantee the sustainability of the outcome, the AU Ambassador to Sudan, Robert Van Dool has announced 9million euro- additional support to the program for training teachers for three years starting June 1. 2021. France Expertise following the press conference which held last, Wednesday, at the premises of the Ministry of Higher Education reviewed the major achievements of the program. The EU statement pointed out to the continuation of the cooperation between the two ministries during the second period to cover the 18 Sudanese states. The Ambassador indicated to the importance of education as a basic human right and the lack of the resources allocated for the education by the government, calling for allocation of more resources for the budget of education in Sudan to enable the country to meet the international standards and provide good education in all parts of the country. Bertrand Commelin, Director of the Department Human capital and social development, Expertise France mentioned the very positive momentum France and Sudan are undergoing, especially with the International conference, held mid-may in Paris, to support the political transition in Sudan. He stressed how key it is to support education to achieve sustainable political, social and economic de-velopment. He emphasized the relevance of the EQUIP program as it addresses the critical need of the teachers to strengthen their professional skills and not only their academic knowledge. Prof. Intisar Elzain Sagyroon, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, praised the good coordination between the two ministries during the last three years, and encouraged the women and men that made it possible to carry even further that great team spirit during the next three years. Minister Sagyroon stressed that no child must be left behind and hence particularly welcomed the fact that every child in the whole country would benefit from the program. IF/IF

The Latest Sudanese News & Press

Al Burhan Moussa Faki
Al-Burhan hails AU’s role in addressing African issues Khartoum, June 13 (SUNA) – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Gen. Abdel-Fat... Read More
Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk
Prime Minister receives Chairperson of AU Commission Khartoum, June 13 (SUNA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk received at his office here today... Read More
Dr. Mariam Al Sadig Al Mahdi
FM Participates in AL Emergency Consultative Meeting on Ethiopian Dam KHARTOUM, June 13 (SUNA)N – Foreign Minister, Dr. Mariam Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi, wi... Read More
The Minister of Transport
Sudan Contracts with Major German Company to Develop Port-Sudan Harbor Hamburg, Germany, June 12 (SUNA) - The government of Sudan contracted last week... Read More
Assure Citizens
Minister : We Assure Citizens They Would not Subjected to Blackmailing Khartoum, June 10(SUNA)-Minister of Energy and Oil, Engineer Gadain Ali Ebaid,... Read More
CBOS Governor meets delegation
CBOS Governor meets delegation of French Development Agency Khartoum, June 10 (SUNA)- The Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS), Al-Fatih Zain... Read More
On 14 June 2021
The Council of Minister
Trade Unions Law Approved Khartoum, June 13 (SUNA) – The Council of Minister chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk endorsed the draft b... Read More
Volker Perthes
UNITAMS Organizes press briefing Tuesday Khartoum, June 13 (SUNA) – The United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) o... Read More
UN reaches conflict-affected communities for first time in a decade Khartoum, June 13 (SUNA) – For the first time in ten years, United Nations human... Read More
TSC President Chairs Defense and Security Council
TSC President Chairs Defense and Security Council Meeting Khartoum, June 6 (SUNA) – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Abdel Fa... Read More
Dr. Mariam Al Saddiq Al Mahdi
Virtual Meeting between Foreign Minister and her Moroccan Counterpart Held Khartoum, June 5 (SUNA) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mariam Al-... Read More
Gibril receives WB
Gibril receives WB executive director for African Group Khartoum, June.1 (SUNA) – Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Gibril Ibrahim recei... Read More
Animal resources Qatari Investment Company
Animal resources, Qatari Investment Company sign memo of understanding Khartoum, May.31 (SUNA) - Ministry of Animal Resources and Qatari Investment Ho... Read More
Sudanese Czech water cooperation discussed
Sudanese –Czech water cooperation discussed Khartoum, June.1 (SUNA)-Minister of irrigation and Water Resources Prof. Yasser Abbas met, at his office... Read More
Prof. Yasser Abbas
WB provides US$500- million grant for irrigation and water sectors Khartoum, June.2 (SUNA) - Irrigation and Water Resources Minister, Prof. Yasser Abb... Read More
Government and SPLM N Negotiations resumed
Government and SPLM/N Negotiations resumed Juba, June 7 (SUNA) – The negotiation session between the government and the SPLM/N led by Abdel Aziz Al-... Read More
Lt. Gen. Yasser Al Atta
Committee to address imbalances in tracks of Juba peace agreement meets Khartoum, June 6 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Lt.... Read More

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شعار وزارة الصناعة والتجارةأصدر السيد وزير الصناعة والتجارة قراراً وزارياً رقم 57 لسنة 202م خاص بضوابط إستيراد السيارات المستعملة وضوابط استيراد السيارات بواسطة الوكلاء.وإليكم نص القرار

Pressestatements der Kanzlerin und des Premierministers der Republik Sudan, Abdalla Hamdok

Der Sudan befinde sich an einem historischen Wendepunkt, betonte Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel beim Besuch des sudanesischenHamdok Merkel Premierministers Abdalla Hamdok in Berlin...  More

Press release

The meetings of the second session of the Political Consultation Committee between Sudan and Poland were held on Thursday, February 27, 2020 in the buildings of the Ministry of GamaraldinForeign Affairs in the Polish capital...  More

In Sudan, Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It’s Too Late

Bag1In 1905, British archaeologists descended on a sliver of eastern Africa, aiming to uncover and extract artifacts from 3,000-year-old temples. They left mostly with photographs, discouraged by the ever-shifting sand d.. Read More.

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